WCCC Recipes

The World's Championship Chili Cookoff (WCCC) is the annual ICS event that truly brings out the best of the best when it comes to chili. So here they are. All of the WCCC winners since the inception of the ICS in 1967 and their winning recipes. Click the Winner's name to find out more about each World Champion.
  Year   Winner Name   Chili Name
 2016    Charles Harber California Road Chili
 2015    David Hipskind Dago Reds Too
 2014    Mike Stevens Yakety Yak Ranch Chili
 2013    Bob Plager POOLS BREW CHILI
 2012    Bob Plager POOLS BREW CHILI
 2011    John Jepson John's Chili
 2010    Thomas H. Hoover, Jr. 2010 Happy Trails Chili
 2009    Maureen Barrett Maureen's Almost Famous Red Chili
 2008    Georgia Weller Southern Chili Georgia Style
 2007    Jerry Buma Boomas Revenge
 2006    J.R. Knudson J.R.'s Rough and Ready Chili
 2005    Doug Wilkey Dog Breath Chili
 2004    Kathleen Hipskind Dago Reds Wop 'n Good Chili
 2003    Bob Wetzel Bronco Bob's Chili
 2002    Ron Burt Warning Shot Chili - Runs for Your Life
 2001    George Swick Swick and Swick Chili
 2000    Jim Weller Jim Weller's Macktown Chili
 1999    Maud Swick Zanjero Red Chili
 1998    Kathy LeGear 24 Karat Chili
 1997    Steve Falkowski Gold Miners Chili
 1996    Georgia Weller Southern Chili Georgia Style
 1995    Norm Gaul A-H Reamer Chili Company
 1994    Bill Ray Mountain Express Chili
 1993    Cathy R. Wilkey Puppy's Breath Chili
 1992    Ed Pierczynski Doc's Secret Remedy
 1991    Randy Robinson Road Meat Chili
 1990    David Valega Backdoor Chili
 1989    Philip M. Walter Tarantula Jacks Thundering Herd Buffalo Tail Chili
 1988    Kenton Stafford 7/8's CHILI
 1987    Margo Knudson Margo's Chili
 1986    Jim Beaty Sespe Creek Chili
 1985    Carol & Dave Hancock Shotgun Willie Chili
 1984    Dusty Hudspeth Bottom Of The Barrel Gang Ram Tough Chili
 1983    Harold Timber Harold Timber World Champion Chili
 1982    Bill Pfeiffer Los Venganza Del Almo
 1981    Fred & Linda Drexel Butterfield Stage Line Chili
 1980    Bill Pfeiffer Capitol Punishment
 1979    Joe & Shirley Stewart Reno Red
 1978    Laverne Harris Nevada Annies Champion Chili
 1977    Jay Pennington Jay's Chili
 1976    Rudy Valdez Rudy Valdez World Champion Chili
 1975    Joe DeFrates Chilli Man Chilli
 1974    Allegani Jani Schofield Allegani Jani's Chili
 1973    Joe DeFrates Chilli Man Chilli
 1972    Howard Winsor Howard Winsor World Champion Chili
 1971    C.V. Wood C.V. Woods Worlds Championship Chili
 1970    Wick Fowler 2 Alarm Chili
 1969    C.V. Wood C.V. Woods Worlds Championship Chili
 1968    Woody DeSilva Woody DeSilva's Champion Chili
 1967    H. Allen Smith / Wick Fowler H. Allen Smith / Wick Fowler

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