Date: 10/04/2017  

The ICS will hold one CERTIFIED CHILI JUDGES CLASS  at the Grand Sierra Resort.  It will be held on the Mezzanine Floor of the hotel in the Cascade 1 Room.

The CCJ program, designed to bring consistency and knowledge to our judges, has been well received.  We have certified 427 judges since the program began.  The class is NOT mandatory and certification is NOT required to judge at the 2017 WCCC.  This class is for seasoned judges and new ones alike.  Class will be held Thursday, October 19th, 3:30pm to 5:30pm. The instructor is Steve Porter, the ICS WCCC Chief Judge.

ICS offers a Judges Only membership.  For those interested in only judging ICS cookoffs, ie, local residents, cookoff sponsors, local government officials, etc., the CCJ class fee will be $65 which includes the one-time $45 class fee and $20 for the Judges Only Membership.  If you hold a regular ICS membership or ICS Homestyle membership, the class fee is $45. Included in the class fee is the Certified Chili Judges Handbook, given to you in the classroom.  Your personalized name badge and Certificate of Completion declaring that you are an ICS Certified Chili Judge will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after the class.  If you're interested in taking this classes, please contact Vickie at 904-379-2558.  WALK-INS WILL BE ACCEPTED.



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