October 17, 2017    


Chili Facts & Fun


Chili Facts & Fun
How it all Started
Chili Legends
History of Chili
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Interesting chili facts...Fun chili mementos...We've got more chili facts & fun than you could ask for.

See the story of How it all Started by H. Allen Smith. Not only does he claim to know more about chili than anybody, he also shares his prize winning chili recipe (H. Allen Smith happens to be the first ICS World's Chili Champion in 1967).

There are a few select Legends when it comes to Chili. Carroll Shelby, C.V. Wood JR., W.D. "Bill" Ray, Woodruff "Wino Woody" De Silva, Dr. Roy Nakayama are just a few of the legends that have truly made a name for themselves. We'd like to share what makes them a legend in their own chili ways.

Hmmm...wondering who conjured up the first bowl of chili? What was the recipe like then vs. now? Find out for yourself by reading the History of Chili. You might be surprised to find out the myths and truths behind it all.

Now for the fun of it all. Send an eCard to your family and friends. What a great way to promote ICS to others you know, plus they are so easy and convenient to send. You never know, maybe you can even stir up a little competition.

While the kids aren't able to enter the cookoffs, we don't want to leave them out. For the Kids lets you print out some great pictures of our website chile peppers the youngsters to color. So include them in your festivities without letting them throw some unknown spices into the pot of chili.