New England Regional Chili Cookoff

Pleasant View Cafe & Golf
352 South Rd
Somers, Connecticut

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A fun filled day including food,kid entertainment and live music.


Salsa 11:30
Verde 1 p.m.
Red Chili and Yute 3 p.m.
If you need hotel accommodation's please call Hampton Inn. We have special rates if you book your room prior to April 4,2013. You MUST call and ask for the NE CHILI (Code RCC) Rate when calling. 860-741-3111 We will assign you to a space prior to arrival and will also have people to help you unload when you arrive.
PLEASE bring as much People’s Choice chili as you possibly can. Our crowds are HUGE! Also I would suggest a one ounce ladle to make your life easier.
If you need spices, now is the time to order them. Great places for spices
are: Tell Kelly you are one of our cooks...they have fantastic red spices. Please tell Bob I said hello...and ATC is the place for the best green chili spices!

We will have a full day of cooking

Cookoff Categories

 Chili Chili VerdeSalsa
 Entry Fee
$35.00 /MBR
$85.00 /Non-MBR
1 gal in addition to entry /PC
 Entry Fee
$25.00 /MBR

Entry Fee
$15.00 /MBR

1st - 1500.00
2nd - 500.00
3rd - 200.00
1st - 500.00
2nd - 200.00
3rd - 100.00

1st - 200.00
2nd - 100.00
3rd - 50.00
Legend: MBR=Member, Non-MBR = Non-Members, PC = People's Choice
Winner advances to: WCCC 2013

Other Cookoff Categories

 Contest Name Prizes
 Youth Division  
 Jalapeno pepper eating 

General Cookoff Information
Cooking in all 3 categories will be $65 (a $10 savings)

Top 10 reasons to cook at the NERCC
10.BIG Cooks party on 5-3 at Chicago Sam’s with free food!
9.GREAT host Hotel, Hampton Inn with special rates if you book your room prior to April 18,2013. You MUST call and ask for the NE CHILI Rate when calling. 860-741-3111
8. BEST set up of a cook off you’ll ever go to
7. Raffles all day! One raffle just for Chili Cooks!
6. Fantastic music and live entertainment including a tug of war between 10 big burly tough guy chili cooks and 10 of my friends!
5.GREAT BBQ from BT’s Smokehouse!
4.BIG Prize money and Killer trophies!
3.Seasoned judges from the past NERCC’s and other events we’ve chaired.
2.Our Chief Judge is the 2004 ICS Chili Verde World Champ Wes Carlson.
......and the number one reason why YOU should cook at the NERCC.......
1.YOU will advance to the WCCC in Palm Springs!
Please sign up HERE:
NEW ICS cooks cook 1/2 price in each category that they enter and any ICS Cook that brings a new ICS cook is entered into a special drawing for a real nifty gift! Don’t forget the original “Jim Heywood Yute division” for cooks under 18! (We plan on having at least TWENTY Yutes!
If YOU have any questions....please feel free to eme back!

For More Information, Contact:
Michael Freedman

Somers, CT  06071

Additional Information
Venue Comments: Cooking on a football field. Great Views. Propane limited to 1# fuel tanks; for exception approval contact chairman
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