West Virginia State ChiliFest

Chili Fest 2011
Downtown Huntington
Huntington, West Virginia

This year’s ChiliFest 2011, the West Virginia State Chili Championship, will be our 28th year of championship chili cooking in Huntington. It’s shaping up to be a very exciting day. ChiliFest registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and the day’s activities will be well on its way for another championship event benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Tri-State. Due to the generosity of the many cooking teams in the past, ChiliFest has now raised over $374,370.00 for the Ronald McDonald House. We are determined this year to break all our past goals and raise over $55,000 for “The House” at this year’s event. Your participation will ensure a big crowd, a big event and a big result for the Ronald McDonald House. We will again, through the help of Advantage Toyota, be raffling a 2011 Toyota Camry and draw the winners name at 6:00 p.m. from the stage. All in all it’s a big day in Huntington on Saturday, September 17th, for ChiliFest 2011.

Cookoff Categories

 Chili Chili VerdeSalsa
 Entry Fee
$40.00 /MBR
$90.00 /Non-MBR

 Entry Fee
$35.00 /MBR

Entry Fee
$10.00 /MBR

1st - $1,500 & Blenko Glass Trophy
2nd - $300 & Blenko GlassTrophy
3rd - $200 & Blenko Glass Trophy
4th - Blenko Glass Trophy
5th - Blenko GlassTrophy
1st - $700 & Blanko Glass Trophy
2nd - $200 & Blenko Glass Trophy
3rd - $100 & Blenko Glass Trophy

1st - $100 & Blenko Glass Trophy
2nd - Blenko Glass Trophy
3rd - Blenko Glass Trophy
Legend: MBR=Member, Non-MBR = Non-Members, PC = People's Choice
Winner advances to: WCCC 2011

Other Cookoff Categories

 Contest Name Prizes
 Best Booth  1st - $100 & Trophy
2nd - Trophy
3rd - Trophy
 Hardest Working Chili 1st - $150 & Trophy

General Cookoff Information
The cooks meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Judging Tent located at 3rd Ave. & 8th St. A final roll call will take place and answers to any questions you may have along with final instructions for the cookoff pertaining to rules and turn-in times will be answered. All chili and salsa will be turned-in at the Judging Tent area. Turn-in times are:
ICS Red Chili – 3:00 p.m.
Chili Verde – 1:30 p.m.
Salsa – 12:00 noon
Stoves will need to be of a “Coleman” camping type, which means fuel or propane stoves, no charcoal grills and electricity is not available for cooking. We will provide tent space and tables for all registered participants. Registered participants will be considered those applicants that have pre-paid the ICS membership fee and the ChiliFest registration fee.

Cabell County Health Department
If you have any questions you may contact them at (304) 523-6483 and ask for Environmental Health, or contact us at (304) 529-4857 and ask for Lisa Daily or Ron Smith. The following minimum guidelines are for food safety:
• All raw meat products must be prepared in advance and arrive on site at a temperature below 45 F. this means no slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, etc. of raw meat products.
• Foods must be protected from contamination as much as possible at all times. Pots must have lids. The public must not have access to the product until it is ready to serve.
• All service will be with single service bowls and/or plates, and individually wrapped utensils.
• All food products must be from an approved source.
• The food preparation area must be covered with a canopy or top covering.
• All potentially hazardous foods, unless being prepared, must be kept either cold, 45 F or lower, or hot, 140 F or higher.
• Hair must be restrained with a hat, sweatband, or tied back.
• Hand cleansing stations or wipes must be present and used.
• Sanitizing solutions must be used to clean all preparation surfaces before and after use.

For More Information, Contact:
Ron E. Smith
PO Box 523
Huntington, WV  25710

Additional Information
Cookoff URL: www.chilifestwv.com

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